November 19, 2011

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July 29, 2011

Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows part 2

After waiting for a long time, finally, the most phenomenal movie in the world, Harry Potter sequel : Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows part 2 is now playing almost in every country.
Harry Potter was first premiere in 15 July 2011.

harry potter and the deathly hallows part 2

This is also the last sequel from Harry Potter, and made in 3D movie that increased tighten feel when watch the movie.
Many people happy and also sad when this movie was release, because it means there's no more Harry Potter sequel. They loved Harry Potter sequel because they also could followed the growth from the actors and actress, that they like.


After destroy Horcrux and found the meaning of three Deathly Hallows, Harry, Ron and Hermione still keep search another Horcrux to destroy Lord Voldemort. But, now Voldemort has mastered Elder Cane, he wants to end last step to reach the higher power and attack magic school Hogwarts, when three horde for the last time against dark power that threaten to control Magic world and Muggle world.

harry potter and the deathly hallows part 2

The official website is :

July 22, 2011

The Red Kimchi

Now I want to talk you about Korean food,kimchi.
For you who love all about Korea like K-Pop, or ever visited Korea must know this kind of food, because this food always become appetizers when Korean people eat.

But, what is kimchi really are? Kimchi is kind of Korean traditional food like vegetable pickles, usually made from cabbage, radish, and cucumber. The vegetables is mixed with shrimp, fish sauce, garlic, ginger, and chilli for the seasoning. That's why Kimchi usually have red color.

Kimchi known as "The Most Healthy Food in The World" because it's made from many kind of vegetables which have high fiber and contain many kind of vitamin that our body needs. Kimchi also could prevent us from cancer.. wow.. !

Maybe for us who not ordinary with the taste of Korean food, will feel strange when eat this food.
I ever ate Kimchi before in Korean restaurant at my country, and I'm not really like it.. :D
But maybe I must make my self to love eat Kimchi, because it's very healthy.. ^^

June 16, 2011

Lunar Eclipse

Yesterday or more precise early this morning around 01.30 am there are a longest lunar eclipse that could be seen in every regions in Indonesia. The rare incident happened for approximately 100 minutes.

The moon that usually have yellow color, because of the lunar eclipse have red color. But unfortunately the size is very small because some part of the moon covered by cloud.

If you passed that moment, check Google Doodle now ! And you could see how beautiful lunar eclipse last night.. Thanks to Google..! :D

google lunar

June 12, 2011

Raja Ampat - Underwater Paradise

For those of you who love diving and enjoying the beautifulness of underwater, Raja Ampat could be one of your dive destination because Raja Ampat is known as one of 10 best dive tourism in the world.

Raja Ampat was located off the northwest tip of Bird's Head Peninsula on the island of New Guinea, in Indonesia's west Papua Province. This place indeed out of the way compared with another tourist resorts in Indonesia like Bali, Lombok, etc. Because of the place is quite difficult to reach, you must trough a long and tiring journey. But don't worry, all of your effort will be shortchanged after you arrive in Raja Ampat ! The beautiful sea makes you couldn't hold to diving and meet the fish ! Over 1200 fish species there.

raja Ampat

raja ampat map

June 10, 2011

Love Padlocks

Love Padlocks. For you who never hear about love padlocks, maybe you think that was padlock with heart shape. But, it's not entirely true.

What's actually the meaning of Love Padlocks? Love padlocks are a symbol for a lover to symbolize their everlasting love. They attach the padlocks at the fence and throw the key, so they couldn't open it again.

The shape of the padlocks is not only heart, they are start from the classic padlocks until the unique and cute padlocks. Usually, they also put their name and their wish on the padlocks.

This unique tradition strongly believe start from China and spread widely in many country in the world, like in N Seoul Tower in Seoul that I ever posted in my blog here, Japan, even transcontinental like in Europe, Australia, Asia, South America and also North America. Can you imagine how popular this tradition? Unfortunately, in there's no this tradition in Indonesia. >.<

May 24, 2011

Jeju Island - Bali in Korea

Jeju Island or Cheju was located at Korea Strait Southwest of Jeollanam-do Province and Jeju City as it capital city. Jeju has subtropic area with warm air and rare snow fall during winter.

Why it's often called Bali in Korea? Because it has very beautiful scenery view, like in Bali.
Jeju has many tourist attraction, one of them is Halla Mountain ( 1950 ). Halla Mountain is the highest mountain in South Korea. Around Halla Mountain there are many blooming yellow flower. Very beautiful ! When it's summer, the mountain peak surrounded by a thin mist, and when it's winter it become white because of the snow.

Besides Halla Mountain, there are also Jungjum Beach that located in Jeju Jungjum Resort. The unique things from this beach besides the clear water is, the sands. The sands has many color variation there are, black, white and red.

May 22, 2011

Seoul Tower Locks of Love

When we go to Korea, it's not complete if we not go to Seoul Tower. Seoul Tower is located at Namsan Mountain, Central Seoul, South Korea. Seoul Tower was build at 1969. The fresh air, beautiful scenery especially at night, make this tower become a cool hangout place and very romantic especially for teens couple :D
This place also used as shooting location Boys Before Flower, famous film in

seoul tower

There are a uniqueness in this tower, there are many lock that mounted at it's fence. They also throw away the key so can't open the lock again. This lock was mounted by couple, and symbolized immortality their love. This tradition started approximately three or four year ago.

This tradition started by a lovers that inspired from similar things in Tokyo Tower and followed by celebrity couples Alex and Sinae who tied they knot in this Tower which aired by the show "We Got Married " make other couple increasingly do the same things.

May 21, 2011

Angry Birds in Real Life

Angry Birds, very popular game in the world. If you want to know more about the game, I already talk about it in my blog here.
Angry Birds, is it only in game or there are real bird in our life? Maybe many people curious about that, also me.. :DLink
When I'm browsing about angry birds, I found in tumblr that show angry birds in real life.. That's very funny I think ! Indeed it's not same but it's enough similar with angry birds in game.

I will show you the picture

This is the red one
angry bird in real life

May 8, 2011

Golden Pavilion

Kyoto is one city of Japan or also called sunrise country, is well known with a thousands temples. How can? Because everywhere we walk, we could find many temples there. One of the famous temple is Golden Pavilion or Kinkakuji.
Golden Pavilion is a Zen Buddhist Temple, located at Kitayama hills, northern Kyoto, japan. Like the name, the top two floor of Golden Pavilion are covered with gold. This temple is established around a large pond.
Golden Pavilion was built in 1394 by Yoshimitsu, the third Ashikaga shogun. This temple is not the original one, it was ever burned down numerous times includeing twice during the Onin War, a civil that destroyed much of Kyoto, and in 1950, it was set on fire by a fanatic monk, and rebuilt in 1955.

golden pavilion

Golden Pavilion consist of three floor. Every floor has it's own name.
The first floor called Ho-sui-in. This floor used as a meeting room. Then the second floor called Cho-on-do, used as worship room. And the last floor called Kukkyo-cho, used as break room.
This place is attract many people, beside from the architecture, also the history building. You only need to spend 400 yen for adult and 300 yen foe children to entry this temple.

May 7, 2011

Chocolate Hills

chocolate hills
If you go to Philippines,make sure you visit Chocolate Hills. Chocolate Hills is located at Bohol between Leyte and Cebu and belong to the Visayas Island Group.
Why the name is Chocolate Hills? Is it because consist of many yummy chocolate and mound shape? When I hear the name, I think like that.. lol :9

The Chocolate Hills name is from the color of the hills when it summer. When summer, hills that previously have green color because of the grass, become chocolate because sun burned it out. That's why it's called Chocolate Hills.

Chocolate Hills consists of many mound that always covered with grass. This Chocolate Hills are around 30 meeter high. Local government assign Chocolate Hills as the main attractions in Philippines. Many tourist come here every day to enjoy the natural wonder.

April 23, 2011

Happy Easter ! ^^

Happy Easter Day !

I just want to say Happy Easter for those who celebrate it. Hope the joy of Christ always blesses us. ^^

easter day, easter egg

Easter Day also means a holidays.. lol :p
What you do to spend your Easter day? Have vacation with your family? Hunt Easter egg with your child? Go to the church with Family like I did?

I will share little story about my Easter day :D
For this Easter, I doesn't have any vacation :( , and the bad things is, I have a mid-test after this holiday !
But I'm happy cause I could spend this holiday with my family especially my mom and my sister, and my someone special.. :p
I also spend many time to play with my beloved dogs, chibi and sweety. How cute they are, and I love them ! ♥♥

March 29, 2011

Karimunjawa Island

After seeing some pictures of friend on Facebook, when she went to Karimunjawa Island, I really want to go there so badly, play with the sands, swim in the blue water(though I couldn't swim :p ), meet the fish, even the shark! The beaches that very clean, with white sands and clear water (even you could see the bottom of the sea !). In Karimunjawa, there are also stunning coral reef ecosystem, you could enjoy the beauty of the underwater using Glass Bottom Boat or diving if you want to meet with the beautiful fishes.

karimunjawa island

karimunjawa island

KarimunJawa is located at Java Sea, 83 km from Jepara. You could use the KMC Kartini 1 from Tanjung mas harbor Semarang, KMP Muria from Jepara, or you can rent a plane to get Karimunjawa Island. You only need 3.5 hours from Semarang to go Karimunjawa island.
There are many package travelling for you starting from 350.00 idr, not an expensive ones, because, you could see the magnificent scenery, and refresh your mind from your daily activity.

You could visit the official website of karimunjawa island here .
I wish I could go there as soon as possible..yey.. ! ^^

March 16, 2011

The most Beautiful Beach in World

Sanur Beach, Bali
Sanur beach is located at Bali, Indonesia. Sanur is the first tourist area that growing in Bali. Sandy beach, white sands, friendly waves, and especially the sunset are the most attractive part for tourist to come in Sanur beach (again).

sanur beach

Lanikai Beach,Hawaii
Beach that located at Hawaii is not to large, even could be call small. But this beach has the clearest water in Hawaii. Rarely we could find clean beach. Besides the clearest water, the tourist also could see two of small island called Mokuluas in the distance.

March 15, 2011

Sentosa 4D Magix

Uniquely Singapore. Yes, the slogan for that country is really suitable with the reality. You could find many interesting things in Singapore, especially if you search for entertainment, you can get unlimited entertainment there.
On of recreation center in Singapore is Sentosa Island. You could read my older post here about Sentosa Island in outline. Now, I would tell you about Sentosa 4D Magix.You could find something different here.. :)

Sentosa 4D magix

Sentosa 4D magix is the first and the largest cinema 4D in Southeast Pacific. With the best projector and the big screen you could feel magic in the movie. Equipped with many effects like water features, seat vibrations, leg ticklers, and base shakers make you feel inside in the film..!
There are 3 options movies : Pirates, Extreme Log Ride and Desperados.
Choose your favorite movie, feel the different than the other cinema, and make you be a part from the film.. :)

Opening times: 10.00am to 9.00pm(last show starts at 8.30pm)
Price: SGD 16.00 (Adult), SGD 9.50 (Child between 4 - 12)
Address: 51B Imbiah Rd, Sentosa, Singapore 099708

January 2, 2011

The Most Famous Theme Park

Theme park is an interesting place for recreation. Not only kids, but also teenager, and even adults. Besides for have holiday with family, or friend, Theme Park also could stimulate adrenalin with it's flagship game, like roller coaster. Here the most famous Theme Park around the world

Cedar Point - Ohio, Us

cedar point

Cedar Point Ohio Theme Park established since 1870 and has obtained appreciation as Best Amusement Park in The World for 13 years consecutive. Cedar Point also the second oldest amusement park in the United State. The flagship menu is roller coaster named America's roller coaster. This theme park is the only one theme park which have 4 roller coaster with height 200 feet, and Maverick is the newest roller coaster with hight 150 feet. There's also Twisted Horseshoe Roll, your adrenalin would be driven, twisted around, winding, an drove on dark tunnel 400 feet. Very amazing.. !