January 2, 2011

The Most Famous Theme Park

Theme park is an interesting place for recreation. Not only kids, but also teenager, and even adults. Besides for have holiday with family, or friend, Theme Park also could stimulate adrenalin with it's flagship game, like roller coaster. Here the most famous Theme Park around the world

Cedar Point - Ohio, Us

cedar point

Cedar Point Ohio Theme Park established since 1870 and has obtained appreciation as Best Amusement Park in The World for 13 years consecutive. Cedar Point also the second oldest amusement park in the United State. The flagship menu is roller coaster named America's roller coaster. This theme park is the only one theme park which have 4 roller coaster with height 200 feet, and Maverick is the newest roller coaster with hight 150 feet. There's also Twisted Horseshoe Roll, your adrenalin would be driven, twisted around, winding, an drove on dark tunnel 400 feet. Very amazing.. !

Tokyo Disneyland

tokyo theme park

Tokyo Disneyland is the first Disneyland outside United States and always being crowded with visitor everyday, especially the holiday. Tokyo Disneyland located at Prefecture Chiba, in Urayasu town, on the western of Tokyo. Tokyo Disneyland also include Tokyo Disney Sea and also branded hotels. We could enjoy the entertainment, like Cinderella castle, futuristic Tomorrowland's roller coaster Space Mountain and Mickey Minni shows. There's also four-minuted train ride through a "haunted" mine. This theme park more suitable for who love gentle rider. You only need to pay 5,800 Yen to enter this theme park.

Ocean Park - Hongkong

ocean park

Ocean Park has two unique vehicle, the Summit (plateau), and the Waterfront (valley plains) which is connected each other with cable car which is the second longest cable car in the world with long 1.5 km. There is also a big Panda on this Theme park that the only one in the world, there's also whales, dolphins, and many more. The theme park has 14 ride and other attractions such as aquariums which displaying more than 2000 fish.



Legoland placed on 150 acres of landscaped par. This place is very exiting, especially for you who love Lego. Whirl around with the new jungle coaster which has speed at top of 60 kilometres per hour. In this land , you can found historic buildings made from Lego.

Universal Studios - Singapore

universal studios

Universal Studio is a new theme park in Resort World Sentosa, opened at January 2010. This is very amazing place, especially for you who likes watch cartoon. You can meet fantasy figures like you watch on television. You could dressing like princess Fionna on Shrek Movie, enjoy the jungle view with Marty in Madagascar, or have adventure with Dinosaurs at Jurrasic Park. The mos awesome vehicle here is Revenge of the Mummy which is a roller coaster with high speed, the roller coaster suddenly back in a heartbeat. Universal Studios has attracted more than 2 million visitor in the 9 months from it's opening.

There are 7 theme park in universal studios : Hollywood, New York, Sci-Fi City, Ancient Egypt, The Lost World, Far far Away, and Madagascar.

Genting Theme Park

genting highlands

Genting theme park is a park which is located in mountain peak in Malaysia. You could go there using cable car, but not recommended if you're afraid of high. That's not mean, if you have phobia with high, you can't go there. That's a big wrong. You could rent a taxi to go there, but that takes a longer time. Besides you could enjoy the park you could enjoy the fresh air and the view, very enchanting. There is 2 theme park in genting, indoor and outdoor. Like the name, which distinguishing is only the place. But if it start evening the outdoor theme park will be closed because the fog. It's very amazing theme park, so many vehicle that you could ride, from gentle until hard ride for you who like push ahead your adrenalin. This theme park is like Disney World, there are swing chair, roller coaster, and beryl's chocolate there. There are also many branded hotels and mall and also gambling center but you must more than 21 years old to can enter this center.
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