March 29, 2011

Karimunjawa Island

After seeing some pictures of friend on Facebook, when she went to Karimunjawa Island, I really want to go there so badly, play with the sands, swim in the blue water(though I couldn't swim :p ), meet the fish, even the shark! The beaches that very clean, with white sands and clear water (even you could see the bottom of the sea !). In Karimunjawa, there are also stunning coral reef ecosystem, you could enjoy the beauty of the underwater using Glass Bottom Boat or diving if you want to meet with the beautiful fishes.

karimunjawa island

karimunjawa island

KarimunJawa is located at Java Sea, 83 km from Jepara. You could use the KMC Kartini 1 from Tanjung mas harbor Semarang, KMP Muria from Jepara, or you can rent a plane to get Karimunjawa Island. You only need 3.5 hours from Semarang to go Karimunjawa island.
There are many package travelling for you starting from 350.00 idr, not an expensive ones, because, you could see the magnificent scenery, and refresh your mind from your daily activity.

You could visit the official website of karimunjawa island here .
I wish I could go there as soon as possible..yey.. ! ^^

March 16, 2011

The most Beautiful Beach in World

Sanur Beach, Bali
Sanur beach is located at Bali, Indonesia. Sanur is the first tourist area that growing in Bali. Sandy beach, white sands, friendly waves, and especially the sunset are the most attractive part for tourist to come in Sanur beach (again).

sanur beach

Lanikai Beach,Hawaii
Beach that located at Hawaii is not to large, even could be call small. But this beach has the clearest water in Hawaii. Rarely we could find clean beach. Besides the clearest water, the tourist also could see two of small island called Mokuluas in the distance.

March 15, 2011

Sentosa 4D Magix

Uniquely Singapore. Yes, the slogan for that country is really suitable with the reality. You could find many interesting things in Singapore, especially if you search for entertainment, you can get unlimited entertainment there.
On of recreation center in Singapore is Sentosa Island. You could read my older post here about Sentosa Island in outline. Now, I would tell you about Sentosa 4D Magix.You could find something different here.. :)

Sentosa 4D magix

Sentosa 4D magix is the first and the largest cinema 4D in Southeast Pacific. With the best projector and the big screen you could feel magic in the movie. Equipped with many effects like water features, seat vibrations, leg ticklers, and base shakers make you feel inside in the film..!
There are 3 options movies : Pirates, Extreme Log Ride and Desperados.
Choose your favorite movie, feel the different than the other cinema, and make you be a part from the film.. :)

Opening times: 10.00am to 9.00pm(last show starts at 8.30pm)
Price: SGD 16.00 (Adult), SGD 9.50 (Child between 4 - 12)
Address: 51B Imbiah Rd, Sentosa, Singapore 099708