March 16, 2011

The most Beautiful Beach in World

Sanur Beach, Bali
Sanur beach is located at Bali, Indonesia. Sanur is the first tourist area that growing in Bali. Sandy beach, white sands, friendly waves, and especially the sunset are the most attractive part for tourist to come in Sanur beach (again).

sanur beach

Lanikai Beach,Hawaii
Beach that located at Hawaii is not to large, even could be call small. But this beach has the clearest water in Hawaii. Rarely we could find clean beach. Besides the clearest water, the tourist also could see two of small island called Mokuluas in the distance.

lanikai beach, hawaii

Legian Beach, Bali
Bali is rich in beautiful beaches. Besides Sanur, there are also Legian beach. The most beautiful part when you visit this beach is when the sunset time. How beautiful view you will get when you see that.

legian beach,bali

Pink Sands Beach, Bahama
This is my favorite beach in the world. Pink sands is located at Harbour Island, Bahama. The beautiful beach with pink sands..! Many girl would be like to visit here, because of many girl love pink. ;)

pink sands beach,bahama

Lovina Beach, Bali
Another beautiful beach in Bali..! The sands in this beach a bit different, not white sands, but it have black sands..! The most part is, you could sailing on the sea accompanied by a bunch of dolphins.

lovina beach bali

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