November 3, 2010

My Holiday at Genting

Often when I was at my campus and look around, beautiful vista with green tree and the cool air, suddenly I miss Genting so much. Yes Genting Highland, in Malaysia. I miss the cool air, fog when the evening come, and the cold air(so don't need use AC anymore of course). Not like in my hometown, it's so hot here. :(

I went to Genting Highland last year when I had long holiday on September. Even I skipped the college to went on Genting.

The most remembered when I'm went to Genting is when I use sky high from Kuala Lumpur to Genting. I'm very afraid of heights, so along the way in sky high i closed my eyes and hold my sister tightly. Very funny thing.. :D

When I arrived in Genting, the fog and cold air greeted us. I am who accustomed to hot weather was feel very cold there, especially when the night cold.... I must use long sleeve shirt, long pants, jacket and also blankets when I go to

genting's fog
I take this pict from my hotel's room, very cold there..

November 2, 2010

Mini Games

Bored. Sometimes I feel it to, yes bored is very boring. ;)
Maybe you can try open here to make you happy again. =)
Like the name of website miniclip, there are many mini games there, more than five hundred games.
Many categories there, like 3D games, Adventure, Arcade, Sport, Puzzle, and many more.
This game is based on web, so you don't need to install to play the game, but sometimes if your connection slow, you must wait long time to wait the loading.
Ice breaker and bubble shoot is my favorite game.. :D

Just try it and break the High Score.. !