June 24, 2010

Internet Download Manager 5.19

The most popular website to watch video is youtube. You can watch funny video, music video, news, etc. You can use keepvid to download your favorite videos. But if you often encounter difficulties in downloading using keepvid, you can download that video using Internet Download Manager with easier process. You not only can download in youtube, but also another file, like image, web page, and music.

Downloading using IDM is very easy. After you install the IDM just open the file that you want to download. In this case I use youtube.
First, open the youtube page, and choose the video you want to download. Play the video for a second until appear the icon Download this video.And click Start Now to download no, or Download Later to download it later, and make the schedule.

June 23, 2010

The Twilight Saga : Eclipse

Following the success of Twilight Saga : Twilight and New Moon, Eclipse which is adopted from book written by Stephenie Meyer, will be release on 30 June 2010 in USA. Directed by David Slade, and still starring by Kristen Stewart, Robbert Pattinson, and Taylor Lautner as main actor.

twilight saga : eclipse

June 20, 2010

Orchard Rd

Who doesn't know about Orchard Rd?At least ever heard about it..
Orchard Rd is a name of street in Singapore which is many mall, cafe and also restaurant there. If you're shopping lover, this is the great place to do your hobbies.

In Orchard Rd, you can found many mall with branded stuff like Gucci, Channel, etc.
The view of Orchard rd is very nice, there's many street lamp, plant, and also colorful water fountain.If you come to orchard Rd when it's special seasons, like Christmas, the road will be decor according the seasons, that's very nice one. You also can go around Orchard Rd using hippo bus. Hippo bus is bus with two-level, so you can sit on the level two, with better view of Singapore.

June 19, 2010

Sentosa Island

If you go to Singapore, don't forget to visit Sentosa Island too. Sentosa Island is very interesting place to visit, and many tourist came there.
From Singapore, you can use MRT (Mono Rail train) to Sentosa Island. It's very easy and fast.

You can use mini train to tour on Sentosa Island. There are many beach too, like Saloso Beach.

The most famous from Sentosa island are the biggest Merlion and "Song of The Sea".

June 18, 2010

Ameba Pico

who don't know about facebook? Now many people from kids until adult have facebook to have new friend or just for refreshing..
In facebook we also can play social game named Ameba Pico..

In Ameba Pico, you will made buddies and can travel around the downtown and make some friend too. Yo also can chat with another buddies, remodel your buddies, decor your home, shopping for any furniture, etc..

You can play game, like rock paper scissor, play card, and also time traveling using time machine. Attend the prom night with your pico bf or gf..

Emoticons in Ameba Pico
/hungry -> fork and spoon
/kiss -> kiss
/heart -> heart
/fun -> music note
/angry -> angry
/sit -> sit
/stand -> stand
/zzz -> sleep
/min -> mini-me
/thumb -> thumb
/nekohebi -> cat
/panda -> panda
/insp -> lamp
/conf -> angry

This game just like your daily life. Go places you want, make friend, and enjoy your life.. :)

June 17, 2010

Hachiko the Faithful Dog

Do you ever heard about Hachiko? Or ever seen Hachiko's film?
If not yet, I will tell you about Hachiko, my favorite dog..♥ ♥

Hachiko is an Akita dog which born on October 1923. He adopted by Hidesamuro Ueno,Professor Agriculture in Tokyo University.. Everyday, Hachiko always goes to Shibuya Station to accompany and to seize his master..

One day, in the morning in 1925 Hachiko looks so restless and don't want accompany his master go station like usually.. Hachiko like feels something wrong will happens that day. And right, his master suddenly get heart attacked, and he died.

Although his master never come back, Hachiko always go to Shibuya Station in 5 pm to wait his master until back. He just wait, wait and wait everyday. But there's nonsense, because his master wont back again. He always wait in that station until 9 years..!! Thats really really long time to wait someone.