June 19, 2010

Sentosa Island

If you go to Singapore, don't forget to visit Sentosa Island too. Sentosa Island is very interesting place to visit, and many tourist came there.
From Singapore, you can use MRT (Mono Rail train) to Sentosa Island. It's very easy and fast.

You can use mini train to tour on Sentosa Island. There are many beach too, like Saloso Beach.

The most famous from Sentosa island are the biggest Merlion and "Song of The Sea".

Although it's not the original Merlion, but it's the biggest Merlion. You can buy many souvenirs, walking on merlion walk, and go to the head of Merlion, but you must pay the tickets. It's very interesting, you can look Singapore's view from Merlion mouth.

Song Of The Sea
Yes, this is very amazing show..!! This just like theater musical but it's outdoor. The stage is in the sand. There are many house on the sea to emit the light. It's very wonderful, like view 4D film in cinema. You can feel hot from the flame, the sound and the light is very real. The picture are from light and fountain from the sea..
Song of The Sea tells about a group of young people who wants to save Prince Amy from master of Fire. Prince Amy only can save with melodic sing to the sea.
This show full of creativity, and technology, dancing fountain, the laser, the actor that's very amazing.
But the show is very brief, and not too good..But overall it's nice show and you must view it..

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