June 17, 2010

Hachiko the Faithful Dog

Do you ever heard about Hachiko? Or ever seen Hachiko's film?
If not yet, I will tell you about Hachiko, my favorite dog..♥ ♥

Hachiko is an Akita dog which born on October 1923. He adopted by Hidesamuro Ueno,Professor Agriculture in Tokyo University.. Everyday, Hachiko always goes to Shibuya Station to accompany and to seize his master..

One day, in the morning in 1925 Hachiko looks so restless and don't want accompany his master go station like usually.. Hachiko like feels something wrong will happens that day. And right, his master suddenly get heart attacked, and he died.

Although his master never come back, Hachiko always go to Shibuya Station in 5 pm to wait his master until back. He just wait, wait and wait everyday. But there's nonsense, because his master wont back again. He always wait in that station until 9 years..!! Thats really really long time to wait someone.

Many people come to station just to see Hachiko, and sometimes they give some eat to he. Hachiko ever move to other place, but he escape, and go back to Shibuya station.

In April 1934, local government build a statue of Hachiko as appreciation for his faith, and become symbol of faithful and loyalty

Everyday he become more thin. And in 8 Maret 1935, he finally died. Many people who heard that, come to the station.

Now every 8 march, community local celebrate the day of hachiko.

Yes, a dog like Hachiko can be very faithful with his master, why we a human can't be like that?
If we love each other, and loyal with someone other, this life will be more meaningful..

Hope this story can inspire you, like me.. :)

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