April 16, 2010

Open Office

Are you linux user? If yes, of course you not strange with Open Office. But many windows user unusual with this program.

Open Office actually similar with Microsoft Office in windows, but it's open source so we can download it FREE. Open Office consist of draw, writer, calc, math, impress, base which have similar function with Microsoft Office.

When we use it first, maybe we will fell confused, but we will general it later. Open Office has less function than Microsoft Office, but we can use it to increase our knowledge, so we can know many kind program which we need to face technology development..

Edit Edit and Edit.. ^^ (part 1)

Edit, edit, and edit. Yes !! many people love editing photo too, just like me. :)

Lately, i found a photo editor, you also can download in meitu here..

I try to make some funny photo using meitu..This is one of my photo editing with my dog..

It's very cute, isn't it ?? :p

With this photo editor you can change brightness your photo, give some effect, some cute picture, and also can add some make up in your photo !! That's very nice :D

Not only that, we also can add some animation, make some editing which never we guess before.And because of that, I love this so much..♥ ♥

You can express your creativity here..And it doesn't need expert skill level of course..

Good Luck !! ^^v

April 15, 2010

First Time

This is my first time write in my new blog. In this blog I want to tell you all about travelling and vacation time. Of course many people like to have some vacation, or just travelling to refresh mind, even go to village to enjoy the landscape and the fresh air.

Yeah..many people love vacation. Vacation can give us new spirit from saturation of our daily activities, from any assignment, to calm down ourself from any annoyance, or maybe just spend our spare time with people we love.. :)

Hope my blog can give some nice information some place to go, or how to spend your spare time. Nice day..