April 16, 2010

Edit Edit and Edit.. ^^ (part 1)

Edit, edit, and edit. Yes !! many people love editing photo too, just like me. :)

Lately, i found a photo editor, you also can download in meitu here..

I try to make some funny photo using meitu..This is one of my photo editing with my dog..

It's very cute, isn't it ?? :p

With this photo editor you can change brightness your photo, give some effect, some cute picture, and also can add some make up in your photo !! That's very nice :D

Not only that, we also can add some animation, make some editing which never we guess before.And because of that, I love this so much..♥ ♥

You can express your creativity here..And it doesn't need expert skill level of course..

Good Luck !! ^^v


  1. what is the site ?

  2. @anonymous the site is http://xiuxiu.meitu.com/
    feel free to edit your photo ^^

  3. Hi there! Just like your post <3
    How abot follow me back? Thanks dear ^^

  4. @hana hana thanks.. ^^
    I already followed ur blog.. kawai blog.. ^^

  5. ~hey thanx!^^ i was looking for it cuz don't know it's name&chinese
    byt the way that's very cute edit!

  6. yess.. your welcome ^^

    and thanks.. I love it too ! :D