June 18, 2010

Ameba Pico

who don't know about facebook? Now many people from kids until adult have facebook to have new friend or just for refreshing..
In facebook we also can play social game named Ameba Pico..

In Ameba Pico, you will made buddies and can travel around the downtown and make some friend too. Yo also can chat with another buddies, remodel your buddies, decor your home, shopping for any furniture, etc..

You can play game, like rock paper scissor, play card, and also time traveling using time machine. Attend the prom night with your pico bf or gf..

Emoticons in Ameba Pico
/hungry -> fork and spoon
/kiss -> kiss
/heart -> heart
/fun -> music note
/angry -> angry
/sit -> sit
/stand -> stand
/zzz -> sleep
/min -> mini-me
/thumb -> thumb
/nekohebi -> cat
/panda -> panda
/insp -> lamp
/conf -> angry

This game just like your daily life. Go places you want, make friend, and enjoy your life.. :)

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