December 29, 2010

Tips for You Before Have a Vacation

Before go on vacation with your friends, family or maybe alone to fresh your mind, it's good to prepare everything as good as possible, so our holiday became more enjoyable.

I have some tips for you before you go on vacation:

Choose the right place for your holiday
Determine the type of destination adjusted with the purpose of vacation is very important for you. If you travelling to fresh your mind from all of activity and you want far from the crowded of town, you can choose village tour for your destination. If you want to go with your friends and you like shopping, you can go shopping center, like Paris, Singapore, etc. And if you go with your family, you could choose amusement park like Disney Land, or Genting Theme Park.

Search information about destination that will be visited
Collect all information, about weather, events which is being held, and attractions that could be visited. Don't forget to search information about hotels and try to reserve the room a few days earlier if you don't want to run out the room.

Prepare Passport, identity card and Visa
If you decide to have a abroad holiday, make sure you prepare all identity card, Passport and Visa. Make sure the identity remains valid, and each people must always bring identity especially Passport wherever you go, because the Passport would be your identity when you go other country. Don't let you being considered as a illegal visitor because you don't bring identity.

Looking for the best transportation
Don't let the flight you choose often be problematic and delay or canceled. Remember : safety is the most important.. Like the room, try to reserve the ticket first.

Make a list of items that will be bring
Make a list could help you in preparing the luggage so that nothing missed. Prepare anything a few days before you go, especially if you go for a long time. Don't bring to much item, because I'm sure, when you back, you will bring items more than when you go there. Bring folding bag to bring merchandise. And don't forget bring enough money, don't to much and don't to little. Go to money changer if you need to exchange your money.

Make sure everything is OK.. make sure again the flight and the room that already booked. Make sure that when you go there, you don't need busy to search lodging again.

Ready to go !
If everything has been ready, now you can go and enjoy your holiday..! ^^

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