December 26, 2010

Who is Santa Claus?

who is Santa Claus
Who doesn't know the figure of an old man with long white beard and have a fat body? I'm sure everybody knows it. Yes, that is Santa Claus. The figure of Santa Claus also became part of the tradition when celebrating Christmas. Many speculation appeared about the origin of "miracle" Santa. Santa Claus whose also known as The Father of Christmas is well known throughout the world, especially on Christmas. There are some story that Santa Claus have list about good and naughty children, when he will come to every good child on Christmas eve through chimney and give them many present as a reward for their good behavior during the year, and for the thanks greeting for Santa, usually their parents put cookies and a glass of milk, near the Christmas tree.
I'm sure you're often heard that story, but there's still many doubt about existence of Santa Claus.

Is it true that Santa Claus is real? American children even now already started asking questions about the existence of Santa Claus. How can a Santa Claus can be visited every house in one night? How could the people of Santa can get into the chimney? How could so many of Santa Claus in shopping malls?
The origin of Santa Claus
Many story about the origin of Santa Claus, this is one of the story..

Washington Irving was the first man who designed the figure of Saint Nicholas (the English shortened to St. Nick or Santa Claus) in 1809. Saint Nicholas is someone who has stretchy cheek, often using pipes when smoking, and riding a magic horse through the air to the entire City of New York.
Then, in 1823, by Clement Moore's poem entitled "The Night Before Christmas", the role of the train replaced the horse that was flown by deer. After that, Thomas Nast tells that Santa Claus as a timeless someone and always happy.
He also told Santa Claus came from the North Pole and use a thick robe complete with dwarf hat. In 1881, then the cartoonist of Harper's Weekly magazine is incorporating elements of red color on the mantle of Santa Claus with a white beard.
However, standardization of the international figure of Santa Claus begins in 1931. At that time, Haddon Sundblom who became one of the star product advertisement soda using a red robe and white beard that is consistent with the color of the product. However, the role of smoking pipes have been replaced with the drink bottle. Because of the ads are spread internationally, this image was always sought by Christians who celebrate Christmas around the world. Primarily, children who are invited to believe in Santa Claus figure.
Perhaps because the generosity of her heart in handing out gifts that are adopted in different cultures became the beginning of the story of Santa Claus this.
Belief in Santa Claus, also teaches the children to always be good for a year so that they are included in the list of good children in Santa Claus's list

There are some traditions about Christmas in some areas

Alpine Tradition
"Krampus" known as a group from St. Nicholas is the youth who wore clothes Krampus during the first 2 weeks of the month of December, especially on the 5th of December they took to the streets and surprise children and adults with a clatter and the sound of the bell.

Netherlands Tradition
If in the Netherlands and Belgium, Santa Claus is known by the name of Santa Claus or Saint Nicholas. But also sometimes called as "De Goede Sint" - The Friendly Saint who in his work in handing out Christmas gifts assisted by Zwarte Piet (Pieter Black) orBlack Pit in Indonesian Language.

Santa Claus Home
In the tradition of American families, they believe that Santa Claus lives at the North Pole. As for the Danes, Santa Claus lives in Greenland. And finally there is a town called Rovaniemi in Finland are believed to be the residence of Santa Claus is known as the Santa Claus Village or the village of Santa

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