December 27, 2010

10 Best Place for Your Christmas Holiday

Before of all, I would say Merry Christmas for everyone who celebrate it !! ^^
Christmas surely be a special moment for us to gather with all of our family, after we busy with our activity. Want to go holiday with your family, but confused where place we must go? I have some place for your reference to have vacation with all of your family and have fun together to celebrate Christmas..

1. Betlehem

10 Best Place for Your Christmas Holiday

Commercialism now increasingly placing the true meaning of Christmas. So to return to the roots of Christmas, no one can beat the pilgrimage to the birthplace of Jesus. Manger Square (courtyard Manger) in the Old City, Bethlehem, on Christmas night filled with Christmas trees. And the feast can be found at the midnight mass at St.. Catherine, just as the bell rang at 24.00.

2.Santa Clause Village, Finland

10 Best Place for Your Christmas Holiday

If not satisfied with the number of Santa Claus at the mall,you must flew to the Arctic circle in Finland. St. Nicholas aka Santa Claus is a citizen of honor in the village of Santa Claus . Although located in snowy regions, in the inland of a forest which inhabited by deer, but the tourists even more interested to visit this village. Not far from the village there are also amusement park of Santa Park. A bit expensive to visit this place, but you are guaranteed satisfaction.

3. New York, America

10 Best Place for Your Christmas Holiday

Quite a few films that show the splendor of New York at Christmas time (example: Home Alone 2). Christmas lights everywhere, hopefully there is little snow fell, then you can see the glitter of the biggest Christmas tree in Rockefeller Center that has been installed from the beginning of December, ice-skating around a Christmas tree, then shopping at luxury stores in New York . And at the end of the show there are performances of "The Nutcracker" by New York City Ballet.

4. Bondi Beach, Australia

10 Best Place for Your Christmas Holiday

The opposite of all the cliches of Christmas in the northern part of the world, on this beach you will not find snow or Christmas lights. On December 25, this beach will be filled by a backpacker, and shaken by the DJ and band performances. This is the place to wash the eyes.

5. Midnight Mass, the Vatican, Italy

10 Best Place for Your Christmas Holiday

Certainly the center of the Catholic church will celebrate Christmas with a large scale. Vatican City includes the spiritual appeal in general, but the atmosphere is thicker when Christmas. Fragrant aroma of roasted chestnuts nuts on the streets and the entire town filled with presepi (nativity scene). The places that must be visited: the Yard of St.. Peter, Piazza Navona, and the church of Santa Maria in Aracoeli on the Capitoline Hill. The Vatican is the most interesting places pilgrims. Midnight Christmas Mass at the Basilica of St. Peter, or at noon on December 25, is an unforgettable occasions.

6. Dublin, Ireland

10 Best Place for Your Christmas Holiday

Catholics in Ireland celebrate Christmas with a sense of humor. The most interesting event is swimming on the morning of December 25, at the pool salt water 12 meters. When Christmas the streets of Dublin is always crowded, there are 12 Day Christmas Markets in Docklands, mime performances, Christmas lights, ice-skating, along with the bazaar and celebrations in the Temple Bar. Do not forget also the singing of Christmas (Christmas Carol) in the Cathedral of St.. Patrick.

7. Nuremberg, German

10 Best Place for Your Christmas Holiday

Buying Christmas gifts is not always at the shopping complex or the mall, try visiting Christkindlesmarkt (Christmas Market), in Hauptmarkt, Nuremberg. Here about 180 stalls tent offering toys, knick-knacks, candles, gingerbread, and candy for the visitors. While looking around, you can enjoy a bratwurst (sausage typical of Germany) and warm grape mixed with juice or rempahan herbs like cinnamon, cloves, or ginger. After dusk, and all the Christmas lights switched on, this place changed like fairyland. This Christmas the most romantic places to shop.

8. Zurich, Swiss

10 Best Place for Your Christmas Holiday

Known for its chocolate, mountains, and snow, Switzerland is also suitable for the Christmas holidays, especially in the city of Zurich, because of the many Christmas markets (even inside the train station), and there is also atour city with a Christmas theme . There's also a 'singing' Christmas tree in Werdmuhleplatz, namely choir on stage triangles arranged so that similar Christmas tree, complete with shades of green and flashing lights.

9. Tokyo, Japan

10 Best Place for Your Christmas Holiday

Christmas in Tokyo is always sparkling, but not religious. Japanese tradition is more excited to celebrate the New Year than Christmas, but this is how non-Christians try to celebrate Christmas. It must be recognized the its spirits, with all the lights and decorations amazing. But unfortunately Christmas in Japan is not a holiday, so there is little anti-climactic. Festive Christmas Eve celebration, and celebrations like Valentine, for this opportunity to young couples express love. The tradition of Christmas celebrations in Japan is to cook fried chicken, followed by tart with cream and strawberries.

10. San Juan, Puerto Rico

10 Best Place for Your Christmas Holiday

The island is small but profound personality. Puerto Rico celebrate Christmas without snow, with the rhythm of salsa and roast pork. The celebration lasts from the middle of December to alert the Three Kings on January 6. Since mid-December the churches in Puerto Rico featuring Christmas songs at every Mass, and groups of singers Christmas Caroler Christmas aliases also come from house to house to spread the joy. Top of the celebration is on Christmas Eve, at midnight mass. Stop also at City Hall, the Plaza de Armas to see the Christmas decorations and also to the court of the Paseo de la Princesa.

Thanks for reading, hopefully you can get ideas for your Christmas holiday.. ^^

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  1. Being from Ireland I have to say that Dublin is incredible at Christmas ,even more so when it snows don't forget London , UK is even nicer too :)

    Americans should really visit western Europe , ie Paris,London, Edinburagh , Munich instead of New York ... For a more ... Old traditional Christmas , love New York too though .... I just love Christmas ... The holiday spirits hit me big after Halloween !