June 10, 2011

Love Padlocks

Love Padlocks. For you who never hear about love padlocks, maybe you think that was padlock with heart shape. But, it's not entirely true.

What's actually the meaning of Love Padlocks? Love padlocks are a symbol for a lover to symbolize their everlasting love. They attach the padlocks at the fence and throw the key, so they couldn't open it again.

The shape of the padlocks is not only heart, they are start from the classic padlocks until the unique and cute padlocks. Usually, they also put their name and their wish on the padlocks.

This unique tradition strongly believe start from China and spread widely in many country in the world, like in N Seoul Tower in Seoul that I ever posted in my blog here, Japan, even transcontinental like in Europe, Australia, Asia, South America and also North America. Can you imagine how popular this tradition? Unfortunately, in there's no this tradition in Indonesia. >.<

I will show you many picture about Love Padlocks tradition in many country that I got in internet

love padlocks,china

love padlocks,italy

love padlocks,japan

love padlocks,sweden

love padlocks,korea


  1. Nice artwork using the padlocks. It was awesome.

  2. Great, I know about this love padlocks. But, I did not know that the people of Japan, China and Korea even follow this tradition. I was believing that only the European people follow this tradition. And I would like to say that I love "love padlocks" and like the cute padlocks. Especially pink padlocks.

  3. Love padlocks seems to me wonderful way to locks exciting expression love. Lovely ideas and well briefings. Thanks!

  4. this tradition is awesome ! and i created a unique and original love padlock to help people to lock their love...please visit www.locksigns.com