May 22, 2011

Seoul Tower Locks of Love

When we go to Korea, it's not complete if we not go to Seoul Tower. Seoul Tower is located at Namsan Mountain, Central Seoul, South Korea. Seoul Tower was build at 1969. The fresh air, beautiful scenery especially at night, make this tower become a cool hangout place and very romantic especially for teens couple :D
This place also used as shooting location Boys Before Flower, famous film in

seoul tower

There are a uniqueness in this tower, there are many lock that mounted at it's fence. They also throw away the key so can't open the lock again. This lock was mounted by couple, and symbolized immortality their love. This tradition started approximately three or four year ago.

This tradition started by a lovers that inspired from similar things in Tokyo Tower and followed by celebrity couples Alex and Sinae who tied they knot in this Tower which aired by the show "We Got Married " make other couple increasingly do the same things.

The shape of the lock is very variant, such as heart shape, rabbit, and they also write they name and they wishes in the lock.




This unique tradition is very popular in Korea, someday when I go there I won't miss it, and I will do it too with my beloved boyfriend.. :D

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  1. I love Seoul tower. Really nice atmosphere. Maybe if you go there' you dont regret' Im sure about that. & You can see that wonderful of Han river Isnt.. :))
    Wish I would go there but I dnt know when(-_-)!!!
    Hihihi n_n"