May 7, 2011

Chocolate Hills

chocolate hills
If you go to Philippines,make sure you visit Chocolate Hills. Chocolate Hills is located at Bohol between Leyte and Cebu and belong to the Visayas Island Group.
Why the name is Chocolate Hills? Is it because consist of many yummy chocolate and mound shape? When I hear the name, I think like that.. lol :9

The Chocolate Hills name is from the color of the hills when it summer. When summer, hills that previously have green color because of the grass, become chocolate because sun burned it out. That's why it's called Chocolate Hills.

Chocolate Hills consists of many mound that always covered with grass. This Chocolate Hills are around 30 meeter high. Local government assign Chocolate Hills as the main attractions in Philippines. Many tourist come here every day to enjoy the natural wonder.


  1. Now i am very very hungry, Xixixixixi
    I♥ chocolate, reallllly nice n_n

  2. hahaha.. yes i luv chocolate too.. yummy :9

  3. i did da skewl prject on dis . thx 4 da help brotha.