July 22, 2011

The Red Kimchi

Now I want to talk you about Korean food,kimchi.
For you who love all about Korea like K-Pop, or ever visited Korea must know this kind of food, because this food always become appetizers when Korean people eat.

But, what is kimchi really are? Kimchi is kind of Korean traditional food like vegetable pickles, usually made from cabbage, radish, and cucumber. The vegetables is mixed with shrimp, fish sauce, garlic, ginger, and chilli for the seasoning. That's why Kimchi usually have red color.

Kimchi known as "The Most Healthy Food in The World" because it's made from many kind of vegetables which have high fiber and contain many kind of vitamin that our body needs. Kimchi also could prevent us from cancer.. wow.. !

Maybe for us who not ordinary with the taste of Korean food, will feel strange when eat this food.
I ever ate Kimchi before in Korean restaurant at my country, and I'm not really like it.. :D
But maybe I must make my self to love eat Kimchi, because it's very healthy.. ^^

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